Campaigns, past and present

I'm currently running a 3.5 campaign for old friends, and am preparing an AD&D campaign for new friends. I have run four other campaigns since my return to RPGs in 2020.

Many have written great pieces on the value of long campaigns. My goal is to emulate those referees, which I hope to achieve with the upcoming AD&D campaign. Even if players change, the world shall remain. That's my goal.

3.5: The Outmarch

Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 pointcrawl with West Marches influence. A solitary coastal city of about 12,000, Elberoth's Gate is the home base for expeditions into a dangerous, ecologically varied wilderness. Playing with longtime friends and experienced 3.5-ers, and I have granted them free reign to use whatever books they want, for better or worse. So far two characters have had a +7 LA. A grand experiment I do not intend to repeat, but fun nonetheless.

I expect that many people reading this blog have strong negative opinions of 3.5, and you might wonder why I run it given my love of old-school D&D. I intend to write a bit on that topic.

Campaigns ended since 2020

Since I returned to RPGs in 2020, I have run a few other games that lasted for at least a couple months.

  1. A Pathfinder 2e campaign that lasted until level 10 or 12, I think. By that time, most of us had concluded that the game was definitively not for us.
  2. We then switched to Pokemon Tabletop United, which was engaging despite disappointing rules discussions in the official discord. It was burdensome to run with five players.
  3. Next up was Chronicles of Lastuynia, a Low Fantasy Gaming campaign which was by far my favorite of the three. LFG is awesome, and my hard copies of the Core Rules and Companion continue to be valuable investments for their tables and modular rules.
  4. After Chronicles of Lastuynia, one of my players ran a Star Wars Force & Destiny game for a couple months before we checked out the Unofficial Elder Scrolls RPG (UESRPG v3) for about 1.5 sessions before dropping it and making a nostalgic return to 3.5.
  5. I ran an OSE Advanced Fantasy campaign set in Andrew Kolb's Neverland hexcrawl. The PCs were family members, retainers, or otherwise wards of House Dawnmourne, rightful rulers of the Kingdom of Eiovar. They traveled through a magic archway discovered deep within a mountain to Neverland, where they sought magic and wealth to grant Queen Elenor the power to stomp out the wars of the five other houses and regain monarchical control.

Games run 2012 and earlier

I ran the following systems as campaigns:

  • Dungeons & Dragons of various versions/retroclones, including AD&D 1e, 3.5, B/X, BECMI, and 4e. Mostly 1e and 3.5.

The following systems were only run as one-shots or short series:

  • Dungeons & Dragons, in the form of retroclones of OD&D and AD&D 2e.
  • RuneQuest (various).
  • Traveller.
  • Call of Cthulhu.
  • Shadowrun.
  • Star Wars d6.
  • 40k RPGs (including Dark Heresy).
  • Assorted indie RPGs and 1KM1KT products, including Dungeon World, Dungeonslayers, Final Fantasy d6, Travellers of the Wasteland, Tunnel Quest, 44: A Game of Automatic Fear, Risus, and numerous others.
  • Rifts.
  • GURPS.

This list is certainly not exhaustive.