Yoon-Suin Looks Awesome


Awesome Yoon-Suin title art shared on the Kickstarter.

That's what I'm talking about, man.

I rarely back Kickstarters simply because I'm a happy man with my good ol' AD&D, and we have our own campaign milieu. But Yoon-Suin looks amazing and I backed it immediately this morning. I had never heard of the first edition.

I love weird stuff, but I've found that in the OSR space, weird stuff is often art-punky, or PC-death-fetishist, or just super-B/X, none of which I'm interested in. Yoon-Suin, on the other hand, looks to be over 400 pages of sickness which I'm dying to read through. Yoon-Suin looks like weirdness with substance. Seems like there will be plenty of beasts, rules, and tables to draw inspiration from.

As our AD&D campaign develops, I want to continue to lean heavier and heavier into the post-apocalyptic nature of AD&D's implied setting. I also want to keep adding weirdness, which fits great with post-apocalyptic D&D. I really dig the Hill Cantons and have often been inspired by Chris's posts (he wrote about post-apocalyptic AD&D, too!).

I don't see myself running a pure Yoon-Suin campaign, mainly because my goal is to run the same AD&D campaign until the end of time. But it looks like Yoon-Suin should have plenty inspiration for our AD&D campaign. The eastern and jungle-y stuff should fit in nicely with certain areas of our campaign world, which includes both a huge jungle called Ica-Xingu and an "OA land" which hasn't been developed by myself yet though there is player interest for future adventures.

Do you know of more products or writings like Yoon-Suin? Other weirdness or post-apocalyptic fantasy gaming inspiration? Please let me know by emailing me or leave a comment below.

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