New Site


Happy autumn everyone. I hope your games are going well.

As foretold last post, I have moved Caltrops for Breakfast to a new host. I've also changed the software it runs on. I've moved off Ghost for technical reasons,1 and will be re-establishing things here. I hope it'll also provide a bit less friction for publishing updates.

I have some cool stuff (I hope) in the works I'm looking forward to sharing. In the meanwhile, happy gaming.


It runs on node, is JavaScript-heavy, and, when I tried to migrate it to my new host, I learned the devs only support Ubuntu. Since I do not use Ubuntu, that solidified my decision to move off Ghost. When I started this site I figured I might regret using Ghost, and now I have. Also had to migrate everything by hand since there weren't quite enough posts to warrant writing a migrator to parse Ghost's insane JSON exports. Lesson is: write all your posts in markdown and don't use node software.

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