Caltrops for Breakfast is a blog launched in May 2022. It's all about roleplaying games, especially original Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.

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About the author

My name's David Gay and I began in the early 2000s with the 3rd edition starter set ("The Adventure Begins Here!"). I was hooked right in elementary school.

We played nonstop all the way through high school. I discovered the OSR shortly after Basic Fantasy, OSRIC, and Swords & Wizardry were released. We played many old-school D&D systems without knowing anything about the old-school, and so I'm sure we played poorly. But we had fun.

The other systems I ran were numerous and varied, but we always came back to D&D. I stopped playing RPGs shortly after high school, but returned in 2020.

Upon returning to the old-school community, I've discovered incredible blogs like the ones on my blogroll. Thanks to other bloggers, I'm in the prime of my refereeing career. Caltrops for Breakfast is my contribution.

Beyond AD&D, the balance of my time is spent programming, studying Japanese, and gaming.

You can reach me via email: eapoems@riseup.net. Happy to talk about any of our shared interests!

GPG key: 4FCB7861D5106031AB60D675FD4A613AF33AA95D

The Caltrops for Breakfast logo and icon (the d4) were kindly and skillfully created by Laura Kna, who understands descending armor class.