Top 5 Songs About Death, a Laura's Dad Tribute List


Jack Black in High Fidelity (2000).

You might ask, "David, you said you were going to write more. What happened to ramping up the blogging?" It turns out adding a third weekly session to our campaign means I'm literally just gaming all the time. I'm writing scenarios, rolling treasure hordes! Along with my Japanese studies (over 1 year now), learning a new programming language (Rust, which I will write AD&D tools in), and reading D&D content, I barely have time to waste. On top of that I've been reading some Appendix N so I don't have to be a poser anymore.

Huh, I guess I kinda do have time, I just haven't managed it well enough. Thanks guys, this was really helpful!

Charlie Brown sitting at Lucy's psychiatric help booth.

Also, a bunch of characters died recently and I needed to prep some new scenarios. Ghouls, man. Expect them.

Anyway, what I want to share today is are two lists of reflections. Our campaign is now in its sixth Earth month (and nearly the second game year). Seven months ago, I had never run AD&D before. Everything could have gone really bad, but fortunately the only people who have truly suffered are the dead characters, and the living ones. Just like Gary intended. Nevertheless, I have bullet points to share with you, which I will expand upon in future posts, and thereupon return to this post to bless it with additional hyperlinks.

As was the case in High Fidelity, I will not order these lists.

Five things I wish I did earlier

Five things I'm glad I did

Coming soon™, more details on these points, as well as some posts about topics I've been messaged about recently. A few people have asked me questions about AD&D and my responses to them ought to be converted to posts.

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